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Student Accounts

Payments for tuition and fees are due two weeks before the first day of classes for each semester. The Director of Student Accounts is available to assist students in implementing payment and budget plans.
Office Hours and Office Location

The Student Accounts cashier counter is open for operation from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday except for JWU holidays. The office is located on the second floor of the University Center. Payments may be mailed to:

Online Bills and Payments

Student bills may be viewed online and payments on student accounts may be made online. Access to online bills and payments is through MyJWU. Parents and guests may be granted limited access to MyJWU to view online bills and make online payments. For guest or parent access, have the student login to MyJWU, click on Student Info and then click on Guest Logins. Online payment methods are:

Electronic Check (ACH) with NO FEE to the user
Credit Cards (Discover, Master Card, American Express & VISA) with a Service Fee
See Student Accounts FAQ for more details.
Deferred Payment Plan

James Wisconsin University offers an interest-free, in-house Tuition Deferment Plan (TDP). This plan will allow you to spread the semester’s principal charges over a number of months, concluding with the end of that semester. As long as you are current with your payments, no monthly carrying charges are assessed and your account is considered paid in full for purposes of access to online records, participation in classes and extra curricular activities and pre-registration. The James Wisconsin University Tuition Deferment Plan requires a non-refundable administration fee payable upon acceptance of the plan. See the web page listing the university’s current charges for the current amount of the TDP Deferment Fee. Students wishing to spread out payments by setting up a monthly payment plan may contact the Student Accounts Office before the semester begins .

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