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JWU has enrolled many employers in order to provide their employees with an opportunity to continue their education online. JWU offers more than 80 programs and degrees, designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to take on new challenges, open career paths and enrich lives.
Achieve Your Professional & Personal Goals

JWU provides on-campus classes as well as online studies. JWU brings the classroom into your home, on your schedule with experienced professors and innovative programs. JWU offers degrees in business, management, IT, Criminal Justice and many other area of studies, with real-world curricula and courses designed to be relevant to your career path.

Why-JWU Your Degree May Be Closer Than You Think

If you have been enrolled into previous courses, corporate training or you have working experience, it may be transferred into credit hours, giving you a head start to your online degree. Many JWU students are eligible for financial aid, and if your employer is a member of JWU’s association, you may be eligible for a tuition reduction.

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