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JWU’s online education reduces the obstacles of time and distance for working adults who are not able to become full-time students. With our solution, school is always open; you can log into your classes on evenings or weekends. JWU’s working adult programs originated as an opportunity and out of necessity as well.

However adult learners differ from each other in important ways starting from lifestyle preferences, educational goals and career priorities. Nowadays, more and more adult learners are turning to online education in achieving their career goals or simply staying competitive in their current fields. Whether to change your career or improve current skills, JWU offers valuable and efficient solution.

Distance-Learning Virtual Classes

JWU’s quality online courses are available as traditional educational tracks, from online degrees in business subjects to certification in technical and mechanical specialties.

You can attend virtual classes while still managing family obligations or working at your current job. Even professionals with years of experience need to improve their skills and learn new ways of doing things. The reasons are changes in workplace and technology which makes performing many job tasks different than before. With JWU’s virtual classes, you can save time and enroll into a variety of courses, from Internet Technology, Business, Engineering, all the way to improving your skills to compete in a demanding market with newly trained university graduates.
How Does Distance Education
Distance education vary from traditional classroom-based education in that it allows a student to complete courses and programs without attending already scheduled group classes in a one location, such as a university campus. If you are JWU distance education student, you can:

Work from anywhere, such as your home or workplace.
Work at your own pace, on a schedule that suits your individual needs.
Register for a single course or enroll in an undergraduate/graduate degree, diploma or certificate program.

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