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Financial Aid

In order to qualify for the James Wisconsin Financial Aid, you should have the following:
Your Estimated Award Letter

After you have obtained your high school or diploma certificate, and submitted your results to us, this first step will determine whether you will be a part of JWU’s financial aid award. You should also submit a letter of recommendation, whether from your previous place of study or your company. After we review and approve these documents, we will help you to receive your final estimate approval quickly, so you can continue with the financial aid process.
Financial Aid Entrance Counseling Quiz

To be eligible for financial aid, you must complete the Entrance Counseling tutorial and quiz. This quiz is placed in the JWU online application, and can be taken when you are completing your enrollment documentation.
Motivation Letter

Now when you have all the required documents, you are on the way to earn a JWU scholarship. All financial aid-seeking students must complete a motivation letter by writing more about themselves, their aims, and why they have chosen to study at JWU. Each student must submit complete documents before they can receive financial aid.

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