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Business Projects & Jobs

James Wisconsin bachelor programs as well as the postgraduate programs contain some courses which are dedicated to make the students work on concrete projects. These specific projects are proposed, followed and graded by various companies. We believe our students can widen up their horizons and learn more by assigning them specific company’s projects
Employer Branding Presentation

Companies are invited to come at JWU and present their activities and recruitment processes to our students throughout the year or during the yearly career days event in March.

JWU encourages various companies to also welcome some Master and MBA students in their Headquarters and make presentations for them during the fields trips organized in different European cities.
Mentorship & Job Offers

James Wisconsin University encourage various recruitment consultants, human resource managers as well as corporate recruiters and business executives to post their internship and job offers on our Student careers intranets, sending the form below or their job description by email.

The JWU mentor-ship program connects adequate MBA and Masters Students with local and international business leaders who volunteer to share their knowledge and experience with program participants.

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