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Prospective Student

We offer a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs. For more details, checkout our programs. JWU programs are made successful by:

Students willing to learn
Working adults willing to improve their skills & knowledge
Companies and employees who need professional trainings

open course

JWU offers learning beyond borders. With us, you will experience joy and satisfaction. Besides Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies, JWU offers a new experience of open courses. Open Courses are available for everyone, for students who want to gain additional knowledge as well as working adults who seek additional improvements.
Tailor Made Courses

Whether you are mastering in business or engineering, JWU provides training and leads your needs and capabilities. We suite our training programs according to the demands of our clients. Whether you are an individual or employees of a company, we provide tailor-made courses for everyone.
Career Management

JWU takes care of your career even after your graduation. We assess your skills, improve them and manage your personal development plan. With our simple plan, we have guided many of our students who are now successful in their fields.

JWU Communities

At James Wisconsin University, you will have the opportunity to connect with your classmates and instructors in the same way you already stayed in touch with your friends, family and co-workers. By incorporating popular social networking sites into the many ways our students can access our community. JWU made it possible, to make education an active, unique as well as convenient part of your everyday life.

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