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Q. How JWU deliver online classes?

JWU employs a wide spectrum of distance learning methods and relies on A variety of information technologies to deliver course materials and instruction to students. These include the use of ONLINE multimedia activities, print materials, web, e-mail, CD-Rom, computer software, audio/video conferencing, audio/video tapes and TV or radio. Any particular course might use a combination of delivery methods. If you register for an online course, you will need access to a computer with an Internet connection.

Q. What is individualized Study?

Most JWU courses are offered as individualized study courses. As a JWU student, by using individualized study course, you will receive a learning resource package in the mail and work independently, with support and instructionS from your supervisor. You will work according to your own schedule, within the six (three-credit courseS) to 12 (six-credit courseS) month period allowed to complete the courses.

Q. Does JWU provide student support?

As A JWU student, you will benefit from a broad network of student services including access to one-on-one support from faculty members, help-desk personnel and other support staff as well as academic advisors, counselors and tutors who will, together provide you with information, advice, and service.

Q. Does JWU have any student exchange?

JWU does provide student exchange programs. We have recently signed a number of contracts with International institutions and JWU is working to establish student exchanges and study-abroad programs later this year.

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