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About JWU

Learn to live, live to succeed: these were the words of wisdom of one of the founding fathers of James Wisconsin University. Bruce Clarkson, the founder of JWU, in early 1990’s worked hard to establish a leading educational institutions. With its global presence, consisting around 30,000 students all over the world, JWU is fast becoming a leader in the education field by providing high quality educational programs, both in its affiliated campuses as well as online studies.

With its efficient system of education, JWU educates even those who are not able to physically attend the classes. Virtual classes are proven to be efficient as well as those on campus. Wide offers of undergraduate, postgraduate as well as PhD programs are waiting for you. With JWU you will experience knowledge beyond the borders. We guarantee satisfaction, joy and success. JWU is welcoming young minds, willing to grow, as well as working adults, willing to enhance their careers and improve knowledge.

Vision & Mission

  1. Academic excellence and continuous improvement.
  2. Joy of learning – Continuous learning and enhancing skills & knowledge.
  3. Innovation and creativity – Generating new challenges & teaching models.
  4. Lifelong learning.

Enriching and improving our quality by achieving the highest recognitions in various fields of knowledge and research.

Bei der ersten wahl der nichtständigen mitglieder, die nach erhöhung der zahl der ratsmitglieder von elf auf fünfzehn stattfindet, werden zwei der vier zusätzlichen mitglieder für ein jahr gewählt